Ankle Injury Management, Rehab and RTS - from P.O.L.I.C.E. to PEACE & LOVE

February 5, 2024



Up to 40% of ankle injuries have residue instability or pain after 1 year. International guideline ‘P.O.L.I.C.E’ (BJSM 2018), calls for earlier, more comprehensive, functional rehabilitation, replacing 'Rest' with 'Optimal Loading'. Contemporary acronyms ‘PEACE & LOVE’ (BJSM 2020) further encompasses the continuum of care to reduce high % of re-injuries and chronic ankle instability (CAI).

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P - Protection and

C - Compression

Protected ambulation with AirStirrup ankle brace which acts as a edema pump.

A - Avoid Anti Inflammatory and

C - Compression

Avoid Anti-inflammatory medications to prevent negative effect on long-term tissue healing and opioid addiction.

Ice cooling and numbing effect is only on the skin surface, however controlled CryoCompression delivers the coldness deep down to the joint, reduce pain and swollenness.

L - Load

Optimal Loading Exercises (stretching, strengthening, body coordination) combined with walker to strengthen the ankle are essential. They should be performed early and continued throughout rehab.

L - Load and

O - Optimism and

E - Exercise

Superimposing NMES with exercises can improve exercise quality & efficiency for ankle injury rehabilitation. ‘Optimistic patient expectations are associated with better outcomes and prognosis’ (BJSM 2020)

V - Vascularization

Photobiomodulation promotes Vascularization at the injury site, helping to move from inflammation stage towards proliferation stage, prevent stagnation.

E - Exercise

NMES can be superimposed with functional Exercises to improve quality, and translate improved strength into functional movement, enable safe RTS.

PEACE & LOVE aims for favorable long-term outcomes - 'treat the person with the injury rather than the injury of the person' (BJSM 2020).

Supplementary Materials


‘Diagnosis, treatment and prevention of ankle sprains’ Updated evidence based guideline. Vuurberg G et al, Br J Sports Med 2018

Soft-tissue injuries simply need PEACE and LOVE Dubois et al, Br J Sports Med (54), 2, 2020


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