Japan Acute Ankle Injury Management From RICE to POLICE Treatment & Update

Acute Injury Management From RICE to POLICE Webinar by Experts in Japan🇯🇵 & UK🇬🇧! 🩺Join our global panel of experts to learn about the latest insights into Acute Injury Management! 🦵🩺🦶

24/8/2023 7:00 PM

WEBINAR: Up to date RICE Treatment for Acute trauma ~Latest Insights from Experts in Japan and Overseas~
Sponsored by Sigmax and Enovis

In recent years, in addition to the conventional RICE treatment, various approaches such as PRICE, POLICE, and PEACE&LOVE have become widespread as treatments for acute trauma. In the first half of this webinar, both doctors who are active on the front lines in Japan and overseas will give lectures on the latest topics related to acute trauma, and in the second half, a live discussion will discuss future treatments for acute trauma, including perspectives from orthopedic surgeons. We had a discussion about how it should be.

Date: Thursday, August 24, 2023 19:00-20:40 (JST)
Venue: Zoom webinar (pre-registration required)
Admission Fee: Free
Informative session for Orthopedic surgeon, physical therapist, athletic trainer, physiotherapists, etc.

Chair: Dr. Hiroshi Ouchi (Department of Sports Medicine, Kameda Medical Center)

Webinar sessions:
1. "Practical knowledge of RICE treatment for acute trauma using scientific knowledge" (Japanese)
Lecturer: Masashi Kasahara (International Budo University, Department of Physical Education)

2. "Acute soft tissue injury: from RICE to POLICE" (English)
Speaker: Professor Jim Richards (University of Central Lancashire)

3. Live discussion

Register and learn more information: https://lp.sigmax-med.jp/registration_djo_webinar_202308_mkt.html

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