Targeted Treatment for Patellofemoral Pain (TIPPS) - Strong, Weak, Pronated Group

March 25, 2024


Targeted Treatment for Patellofemoral Pain (TIPPS)

Research show Upto 90% PFP patients have ongoing symptoms upto 20 years. Upto 60% of PFP patients received standard treatment did not improve after one year. Main reason is the variety of musculoskeletal and biomechanical differences among patient subgroups.

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Strong Group

Focus on proprioception, neuromuscular training. Proprioception brace helps to reduce maltracking, reduce pain, improve movement control & stability during exercises.

Weak and Tight Group

Focus on muscle strengthening, pain free ROM. Superimposing NMES with squatting, lunging, jumping exercise, helps to translate improved muscle strength into functional movement.

Pronated Foot in Footcore

Foot Core System includes Neural, Passive, Active subsystems. NMES+ works on both Neural and Active subsystems.

Research shows that strengthening the IFM muscles using neuromuscular electrical stimulation (NMES+) is a promising strategy and the result can persist over 2 months.

With NMES, patient can learn (and feel) precisely how to activate the IFM rather than try to figure it out themselves.

Injuries Prevention & Functional Training & Return to Sport

Patient can then progress to short foot exercise training toimprove both local foot postural control and dynamic single-leg balance.

Combining foot core strengthening protocol with NMES is recommend for any lower limb injury prevention programme or strength and conditioning plan for runners.

Footcore NMES+ and Exercise Clinical Protocol

NMES+ IFM training protocol facilitates the Motor Learning (Neural/Active/Passive Subsystem) and short Foot Exercise (Foot Doming).

Authors at Swiss Olympic Medical Center recommend: NMES+ short foot exercise for treatment, rehab and injury prevention for lower limbs injuries.

Supplementary Materials


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NMES superimposed on movement is equally effective as heavy slow resistance training in patellar tendinopathy. Labanca L, et al, J Musculoskelet Neuronal Interact. 2022 Dec 1;22(4):474-485.


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